Thank you for your love and support of Bless The Funk over the last 9 Years
Since I began the BTF project back in 2009, there have been many fun times with some truly amazing people attending. Some one off, others regularly. So, a personal message to anyone that ever attended one of my BTF events over the past 9 years, I would sincerely like to thank you all for your love and support of what I personally put together for you all to enjoy.

Alas, after lengthily and very carfull consideration, (not just of recent or off the cuff) but somethng I have been pondering on over the last 18 to 24 months, I have today finally taken the tough decision to end all future BTF events after what has now become the final Bless The Funk date at The Kursall, Southend this year.

Bless the Funk has always been very speBless the Funk has always been very special to me. She was my baby for 9 years, something that i personally worked very hard and long hours to put together and push forward to its eventual sucess and respected status, peaking around 3 years ago. I personally was responsible for nurturing it from its very first event at (Club Mantra) in Windsor, Easter 2009. Then continuing its 9 year run onto Henley-on-Thames. then Camberley (Club Temptation).. Then continuing on to my first Weekender at Clacton-on-Sea (The Lemon Tree), and then (The Esplanade Hotel). Continuing on to Hastings (The Azur).. Then loaning the name to a Soul Boat event on the river Thames through Central London (Bless The Funk Afloat) , Last Year the event was taken back to Clacton-on-Sea by the newly formend BTF Comitee and then this year finaly onto its last destination and event at Southend (The Kursaal) in 2018.

Thank you to all involved over the years, past and present.. DJs and of corse all that ever attended
Onto a more positive note. I will be continuing at the helm, sailing the good ship JFSR into the future with some of the best Radio Presenters around,
and sincerely hope you continue to tune and enjoy all she has to offer.. Find her at

Best Regards to you all.
Dave Marley